the freedom to fly

there are days in my life when i want to do more, and give more to others,

but sometimes i find myself, trapped, chained to obligations and responsibilities.

it’s a fine line. the true responsibilities i must attend to, i accept.

the ‘should responsibilities’ are different. the things that i ‘should’ do so i won’t feel bad about myself.

i choose actions that expand the love i have for myself and others.

when i experience that feeling of being chained, i pause and ask myself,

am i choosing to feel guilt, am i hearing myself say ‘i should’?

if i’m choosing an action out of the fear of being judged, then i am choosing to feel chained or bound.  ‘i’ll do it so i won’t feel guilty’ is temporary, because then i experience resentment and sometimes anger.

if i’m choosing an action out of love, i’m doing it because it brings me joy.

the long term solution allows me to break the habit of people pleasing, and to begin a life of healthy choices that sever the ties of guilt and allow me to spread my wings of discovery and freedom.

i love love love seeing the birds fly in unison over the ocean. not one of them is dragging any other, but each is free to fly.

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