About manette

i write from the heart, live from the heart, hear from the heart.  funny that i have a degree in linguistics and that i have always been fascinated with how the brain processes language.   and now i find myself studying the role of the heart and the ways in which we perceive the world through this incredible and mysterious organ.

as i share with you my thoughts and what i have learned, and continue to learn, while living with someone who struggles with depression, i hope to have a better understanding of the ‘illness’ of depression while living through the heart.   instead of looking at depression as a mental illness, i see the source as that of a malfunctioning heart.  without a properly functioning heart, the stimulation of chemicals in the brain that is properly balanced is not possible.  as i practice living through the heart and sharing my practice with my husband, i am hoping he experiences the healing of his heart, and the eventual ability to stimulate production of chemicals in the brain that is properly balanced.

i welcome you to join me as i share with you my ideas, thoughts, ruminations – unlike the study of the brain where we actually can target certain areas and assign parts of the brain to be responsible for aspects of our being, the study of the heart is much less scientific.  the study of the heart requires that we ourselves disconnect and detach from our thoughts, our proofs, and our egos.  there is no right or wrong in the study of the heart.  it simply is.

9 thoughts on “About manette

  1. Hi Maette! I just found your blog. Thank you! Reading it has been a treat. Would love to hear from you!!


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