create your attitude and own it!

i ran into doris today in the elevator.  “hi doris! i love your green! you look so bright and cheery!” she was wearing a bright green striped top with matching dangle emerald green earrings.

“thank you!  just cuz i’m 95 doesn’t mean i have to dress old.”

“wow! no way are you 95!”  doris looks like she might be 70, at least that’s what i used to think 70 would look like when 70 sounded old to me – (it’s sounding younger and younger to me now that i’m approaching 60)

“doris, what’s the secret?”

“it’s all attitude.  you look as young as you feel. at some point in my life, i had to learn to accept the things i couldn’t change.” and she bounced off down the hall.

“have a great day doris!”

“oh i will!”

i have a feeling doris’ll be around for awhile, and she’ll be smiling the whole time.