languages of the heart

perhaps my ideas will awaken in you the art of communication that originates from the heart. that is my hope.  as i practiced this language as my primary origin of thought and communication, i began to experience the unfolding of miracles in my life…what i call ‘mystericles’.  this is a word i made up when i realized that life is truly a mystery filled with miracles.  when i fully accepted that life unfolds as mysteriously as a bud blossoming, i began to experience a shift in my perspective in life, and i suddenly was surrounded by miracles.
if i think about living through the heart, and not the head, life suddenly seems so much simpler.
in living through the heart, one’s spirituality awakens, and personal freedom and growth takes place. life becomes less stressful, more meaningful and more productive. when i take care of my heart, the mind, the body and spirit become one, and i experience a sense of well being, an inner peace and a healthier connection with life’s purpose and with others.
when i learned to see the world through my heart, and understand how this ability unites my mind and body, i began to see the impact this perspective has on my every part of being. by taking care of my spirituality, my inner health, i found positive energy and health, peace and serenity

in this blog i hope to explore the many languages of the heart – those ways of communicating that have nothing to do with words (yet it’s funny that i’m having to use words to express these ideas), and everything to do with uniting people and creating harmony in the world.

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