the highs and lows and everything in between

How is it that I can be in total bliss with Odin, while knowing that my mom is in the hospital?  Yesterday, my mom had to head to the hospital again, this time her oxygen level had gone way below acceptable, and when they did tests they found that she was having trouble breathing and had food in her lungs.

It’s the practice of living in the moment, combined with the practice of self love that allows me to not only have a life of my own, but a life that is filled with joy and purpose.

My dad called me and I could actually hear a voice of acceptance.  Instead of anger that I wasn’t there to help, he knew I was with Odin, and he was actually quite calm. I made the calls to my siblings, and then I let go of trying to fix her, and him, and I had to trust that all was well and that I would continue to love my time with Odin, and not jump on the first plane back to be there for my parents.  I could still be a respectable, loving daughter, enjoying a life of her own and send my love through my words and compassionate listening.

I took Odin to the zoo as planned.  We had the most adventurous day, stopping in the metro to listen to a horn player, a saxophonist and to watch a puppeteer, and then carefully dropping coins in their buckets in appreciation for their gifts.  I loved seeing the awe and curiosity in Odin’s face as he took in his surroundings.

The Central Park Zoo is crazy special.  It’s just the right size, filled with beautiful trees and winding walkways.  Of course there just wasn’t enough day to complete the zoo, but our time together will always be with us.  Sitting under a tree and having a meal of roasted tomatoes and spears of squash, and laughing when the birds came to visit….life is so wondrous and beautiful!


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