Relax, enjoy, rejoice

I just completed four glorious days of golf!  The weather could not have been more ideal, and the two golf courses could not have been more beautiful and perfectly groomed.  When I was invited to participate in the tournament, my immediate response was “no way, I’m not good enough.”

How many times have I turned opportunities down because I’ve convinced myself that I’m just not good enough?  When I stopped and pushed the pause button, I realized that I could choose a different reaction.  I could choose to say ‘yes”, to focus on the fun of the experience, and to see it as a learning opportunity.

I’m so glad I’ve learned to seize the moment, to stop listening to my ego who loves to tell me I’m not good enough, and instead to listen to my heart, who believes in me and wants me to live a joyful life.

I got to see old friends, eat yummy food, and be back in nature with the green rolling hills and magnificent trees, playing my most favorite game in the world.  The first day was the toughest because I hadn’t played in a tournament before.  The pressure of people watching me, and the fear that I would mess up, led me to do just that.  I couldn’t hit the ball and I’m sure my partner was wondering why he ever thought to invite me to play.

But then he said, “it’s not about the other people.  It’s about you.  Just enjoy what you’re doing, and see every stroke as an opportunity to improve.”  And after that I stopped hearing the mantra, “I golf like crap!”  I reset my day and I began hearing, “I can have fun learning and I don’t care what other people think of me.”  And slowly my game improved.  Instead of comparing myself to the other players, I found myself enjoying the setting and hoping but not demanding, that I would be able to contribute to our team in some small way.

On the last hole of the last day,  the miracle happened.  I put the ball onto the green off the tee, four feet from the hole.  It was on this hole that I was able to contribute to our team’s total – half of a point, to be exact.  And it was this half a point that put us ahead of the third place team, and we ended finishing second in our flight.  It was such a nice end to an amazing four days of golf!




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