Loving myself first gives me the foundation to have healthier relationships

“i didn’t leave because i stopped loving you i left cause the longer i stayed the less i loved myself.”  – rupi kaur

I can be present for my parents, but I can also have a life of my own.  It’s easy for me to prioritize them over my needs, so I have to stay aware of my needs at all times.

I ask myself “Am I living my most abundant life?”

I listen to the things in my life that make my heart sing.  When I’m in town I do try and spend time with my parents so it may seem like I’m overly devoted to them, but this only happens when I’ve been away and I feel a strong pull to be there with them.

Being there for them out of guilt and a desire to please is very different from wanting to spend time with them.  I’m learning so much about their stories, and the love they have for each other.  I love seeing my mom’s eyes open wide when I read to her.  And I love giving them and all their sweet friends the attention and hugs that they miss so very much.

Honestly I think my father is starting to understand that I have a life, and that I can’t be there all the time, that I love them when I’m away as much as I love them when I’m there.

When he gets demanding or unpleasant I can set my boundary, and know that when I leave, I’m not being evil.  I’m simply taking care of myself.



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