It’s the little things like connecting, sharing, and learning, that makes life is so beautiful and fills me with gratitude

Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing golf with a lovely woman named Kay.  It was just the two of us.  She’s been playing “forever” she told me and she now suffers from macular degeneration.  After she’d hit the ball, she’d ask me to be her eyes and I would tell her where the ball landed.  If you’ve ever golfed, this is not unusual.  It took me a long time before I could see my ball after hitting it.  You’re supposed to keep your eye on the ball , so you focus on keeping your head still and often it’s hard to see where the little guy lands.

Kay told me about the time she got a hole in one, and how she didn’t get to see the ball roll in because her eyes are so bad, but she got to hear all her friends cheer and that that was enough to make her smile.  Oh the joy of sharing the little blessings in life!

She was such a delight – cheering me on with every bad ball I hit. I couldn’t have found a more positive partner to play with as I prepare for my tournament at the end of the month.  And isn’t that most of the game?  If I can just stay positive and focused on the fun of it, the tournament will be everything I hoped it to be.  All the efforts I’m giving to prepare for the tournament may simply be that it gets me out playing and improving my game so when the end of the month arrives,  I’ll feel relaxed and comfortable relating to the ball and to the game, while catching up with dear friends.

I love that the game of golf is so much like the game of life.

When we finished our round, I gave her a hug.  And as we were leaving the clubhouse, we noticed a sign that said “Kay’s birthday is July 18”.  She smiled and told me, “That’s next week! I’m going to be 79.”  Wow!  I couldn’t believe it!

“How do you stay so young Kay? Almost 80, wow! You’re such an inspiration!”

“I just keep walking, and I try to play a couple rounds of golf a week.  And  I like to stay positive,” and then she gave me a hug and asked when we could play again.  I think I have a new friend!

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