Purpose, passion and being in touch with my emotions

Did I tell you that I’m playing in a golf tournament at the end of this month?  Sometimes I have to agree to do things, just so I have a goal.  With this agreement with myself, I have been carrying my clubs around in the trunk of my car, and whenever I see a course, I stop and and hit a few balls.  Sometimes, I’ll plan my day around visiting a golf course, and I simply love being out in nature, experiencing the joy of time.

What has resulted from setting this goal, is an improvement in my golf game.  I’m still very much a beginner, but in my mind being a beginner leaves me so much room to grow and learn.  I love having this mindset.

Living with intention gives me purpose and meaning in life.  This doesn’t mean that I plan to become some famous golfer, because we all know that won’t happen, but it does mean that I can be open to improving.  When I can see that change is possible, this gives me hope in all areas of my life.

Instead of ‘following my passion’, I guess I could say I’m ‘living my passions.’  There’s so much to explore in life, and I just don’t want to miss living my fullest possible life.  And in living my most abundant life, I get to cultivate those parts of me that bring me joy.

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