Sometimes I remember to be grateful, especially after I’ve been missing it 

There’s so much I take for granted.  Saturday was 108 degrees at my parents’ place in Northridge, and it wasn’t until there was a major power outage (as the result of a huge fire at the power plant), that I paused to be grateful for the air conditioning that we were so happily sitting in.  It didn’t take long for the heat to build in their 4th floor apartment.

Thank goodness for our wireless devices.  We were able to learn what had happened, and that the likelihood of regaining power any time soon was small.  Thank goodness it was late in the day, and with the windows open my parents were able to get some evening air and slept restlessly through the night.

We knew that as soon as the sun began to peek over the hills in the morning, the heat would begin to become dangerous for our seniors.  So Grover and I  packed their things, all their medications, diapers, mom’s duopa (which needs constant refrigeration).  Then we helped their neighbors do the same.  And we headed to my brother’s place in the Pacific Palisades before the sun rose.  Made them a warm breakfast, and then headed off to teach.  When I returned, I plopped down on the couch, took a deep breath and closed my eyes and felt the peace.

And when I opened them, my dad was there next to me, patting me on the leg.  I think that was his way of saying ‘thank you.’





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