Living in complete acceptance of what is, and feeling the joy of a simple life

When I think about how wonderful my trip to Austin was, I’m just filled with awe. It was one of those trips that just renewed every part of me – mind, body, soul. Tai planned activities that I love – biking along the river, and then through city streets, swimming in a cold spring fed pond, cooking our favorite foods and sharing that food with people we love, playing with children and seeing them create the most magnificent pieces of art, hikes in nature, night yoga, listening to sweet music.

But part of the renewal of my being was realizing how our shared interests, and appreciation for the simplicities of life, are so often taken for granted.  When I pause and experience the awareness of just how beautiful every one his choices was in planning the ultimate visit with him, my heart is touched.

You see, I know he can’t make me happy.  I arrived to Austin a happy person.  The plane had been delayed several times due to the thunderstorms in and around Austin.  I didn’t let those delays create conflict in me, nor did I allow the bad weather to deter my enjoyment of the visits.  I just accepted that there are things out of my control.  Nature will have its beautiful way.  We rode bikes in the rain, and it was glorious!

Instead of the weather being hot and muggy, the rains cooled off our surroundings. And instead of expecting that Tai was going to make me happy by changing his plans, I allowed what was planned to simply put an even bigger smile on my face.  I was filled with the simple joy of being with him, his girlfriend, and the love that we share.



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