i can’t help but love you

love is not something that i can turn on and off.

born out of love, i give love without question.

over time i may learn to hold it back.

i may learn to judge and criticize.

i may learn to give it only if you give me something in return.

i learn to use love in ways it was not meant to be treated.

love is not a currency that can be measured and counted.

love is not to be owned, or traded, or bought.

love is to be shared as if it were limitless, yet as precious as if only a tiny drop remains.

out of love i can put a smile on your face, but i can’t make you happy.

that’s your job, not mine.

“love in such a way the person i love feels free” –  free to be who they are, not who i want them to be.

love is not about pleasing someone else..

love is true.

love is abundant.

love flows forth in my smile, my hug, my touch, my eyes.

my feelings may be hurt, but my love is constant.

my love for you is unstoppable.

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