simply being one with nature

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.”  – Joseph Campbell

I think that’s why I meditate.  As I sit in stillness, my awareness of my heart and its gentle steady beat allows me to connect with the beat of the universe.  It’s like sitting on the beach and listening to the waves.  There’s a rhythm, a peace, a trust, an answer. After the beat, there’s a pause, a silence, and then comes another.  It’s reliable, predictable, and nothing that I have control over.  And as I practice listening to the beat of my heart, I am reminded that there are so many things I have no control over.  So I trust.  I trust that things will be just fine.  In line with the beat of the universe, things will be just fine.

Some of my best meditations take place in nature.  When I’m hiking along a rocky path and I silence my step, I imagine being the rabbit or the turtle, careful in the placement of her foot as if listening to the whisper of the earth. And when I find my spot beneath the tree, close my eyes, and connect, I feel my roots connect with her roots and suddenly I’m one with her.  I become the tree.

As I listen,  I find a simplicity that reminds me very much of the tree – strong and peaceful in her commitment to keep giving to the universe.  When I listen through my heart, I, too, want to do what is good for the universe. And what is good for the universe is based on love, understanding, and a kindness that is pure – one that is not demanding, and expects nothing in return.

Nature keeps giving, and giving and is constant and loving in her gifts.  Nature inspires me to listen, to be in harmony with the universe, to be simple and kind.

I can take her for granted, or I can be ever so grateful for her many miracles.  I close my eyes and meditate, grateful to one with her.

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