surrounding myself with a community of friends who love and support me

i’m blessed to have so many choices.  one of my favorite choices is my choice in friends.  having friends who inspire me to be the best version of myself requires that i connect with people through the heart.  these friend become my chosen family.

what does this mean?  as i listen to what you have to say, i try my best not to judge, instead to be fully present and simply listen.  i listen not only to your words, but i listen as best i can to the space between the words.  it is often this space that allows me to connect with you at a very honest place, where there is no judgement, no comparison, just understanding, acceptance, kindness and love.

as i share as openly and honestly as possible, i trust that you care and love me the way i love you.  but not everyone i encounter listens through the heart.  there are some who listen with their egos, who judge and compare, and who take my truth and perhaps stretch it and change it to be even more exciting and dramatic, and who only wish to spread it to the next person they encounter.  i am careful with these people, and perhaps refrain from details.

when i share my personal crap with you, i’m trusting that you care about me the way i care about you.  i trust that you will not take that information and treat it like our daily news to be broadcast around town.  i trust that you may find my words helpful, but as you listen with your heart, and i listen with mine, you connect with my heart and together we become one with the universe.

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