i met an angel yesterday

he came to me through his beautiful family.

i never got to meet him in person.

but he touched me in such a powerful way,

through his spirit, his smile, his heart, my heart

and the stories his family and friends shared with me,

and 700 or more other people.


today my heart breaks, and i can’t stop the tears.


i found myself wailing along with every single one of them, as we faced the truth –

vrej was only 21, and he is no longer with us.

he came into this world an angel, left an angel, and looks upon us all,

still that happy angel.

his heart was huge.

randomly hit by a car.

this young man touched so many people’s lives before he left.

saving a handicapped elder from falling on an escalator, teaching his father by example how to love and respect the woman who raised him, helping his friends through tough times, offering a fresh perspective on life to us all – one of compassion, understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love – a humble teacher to everyone he met simply by his smile, the way he would laugh, the way he would listen and care, and understand,

the way he would say ‘thank you’ for the tiniest things.


i’ve been touched.

i’m not the same person who walked into the great hall of tribute yesterday.

i’ve been changed.


my heart breaks and shares the pain with his loved ones.

as we drown in our tears, i’m joined with his family, his community, his village.

his love reminds us that we will learn.


and so i walked away

inspired to be a better person.

inspired to be the best version of myself

to create the change i know is inside of me

and to see the change in you.

one by one, it is possible.

to create a new beginning.

our world will become a more loving, peaceful home, filled with kindness, gratitude and compassion for all

as we meet the angels quietly touching and changing our lives in such beautiful ways.


thank you vrej for teaching me

thank you dear sweet loving family for sharing him with me.

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