abundant love

sitting by her side

holding her hand of bones

watching her silent scream

my heart cries.

her pain is in her right leg

as stiff and hard as a metal cane.

her breath is labored and fast

and my father yells.

“do something, do something!”

i rub her leg, and sing into her ear.

don’t worry mommy, ¬†listen to my breath.

breathe with me.

i fan her face

as beads of sweat meet

to tell me of her discomfort

i kiss them and taste my father’s fear.

he loves her,

i know.

but fear is contagious and only makes her

pain increase.

listen to my breath, mommy, not his.

fall asleep to the peace within.

love, too, is free to grow

if we just let go and trust.

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