letting go

her body stiff and oh so thin.

i can feel her bones with only her skin covering them.

her eyes are closed,

why make the effort she asks herself,

when all i see is a blur.

when she started to lose her voice,

she used to speak with her eyes,

but now her eyes can only say, ‘why?”

when i pry them open with my fingers.

perhaps its not the end, but the beginning.

lost on the path to a new beginning.

perhaps if we let go, and say good-bye,

she’ll find some peace, and a happier place.

One thought on “letting go

  1. Oh Manette, I have sooooo been there. Bearing witness in that time-free place of pain, confusion, and lingering with no clear end point on life’s timeline. It’s awful. And yet … being fully present for this is a gift to you, to her, to your dad. And yet … this, too, shall pass. Sending prayers and love.


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