the hum of nature’s wings

oh hi!

may i hug you and hold you?
take your hand and touch your sweet tears?
wipe them and kiss them away?

may i walk with you to the edge?
and sit for a bit.

look into my eyes.
do you see me?
i see you.
i’ve been there too.

a long, cold winter,
the air so thin
it burns your lungs
and freezes your tears.

let your tears mingle with the morning dew,
the sweetness of your soul,
lost in the thick smoke of the fire below.

melt into the harsh flames,
sink into the ash,
rise and fall with the earth’s deep breath,
open to the naked truth.

see the pieces of your heart,
strewn and scattered,
still warm and soft.

pick them up,
and kiss them.
hold them like you’ve missed them all your life,
like you’re meeting them for the first time.

kiss your scars.
no more hiding,
no more pretending.

listen to the truth.

listen to the broken heart.

she whispers
so quiet and pure in her beauty.

the hummingbird flits before you,
so rapid in the rhythm of her wings.
perfect in her lightness,
calling you.

here and now,
and then disappears.
she’ll return.

know she’s there.
like the sliver of the moon,
peeking from a blanket of night.

be the light.
at first,
ever so slight,
deep inside.

let her grow
like the pink of the early rising sun,
as she touches the mountain tops,
peaceful, abundant hope.

feel the sun touch your lips,
no longer charred.
like a suckling newborn
lost and freshly found.

there you are.
i’ve missed you so.

shall i nudge you over the edge?
or are you already there?

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