it’s the child in each of us that we often forget to hear

our youngest child, chih, is visiting for the week! oh what joy! there’s something very special about having your grown child in town. i sat there listening to him talk to me about my next move and his next move, and i was simply in awe of his ability to see so clearly my options and what he values in life. his words were so kind and thoughtful, filled with hope, optimism and love.

he and i can be so comfortable with each other. it’s true for all our children. i just can’t get enough of them. there’s no tension, no conflict, just pure love and acceptance, joy and laughter, tears and sorrow, i think it’s called harmony.

i suppose it’s the truth that i experience with them.

we’re not afraid of sharing from the heart and hearing the truth.

we can joke around, and we understand the other’s sense of humor. we can be open and cry our hearts out. when we see in each other those attributes that attract me to be a better, honest person, that inspire me to listen from my heart, that somehow remind me of the many qualities i wanted to nurture in him and are now so prevalent, i experience the gift, such a beautiful gift.

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