it’s never too late to fall in love

my poor mom had another seizure – took her directly to the doctor’s office instead of the hospital.  she wanted nothing to do with the hospital after her last experience with tubes, wires and monitors.

while she rested, my dad and i had dinner together and we happened to sit next to lyn and her boyfriend, joe.  she was telling me about how she went to temple over the weekend and the rabbi asked that they shake hands with someone they didn’t know and tell them one good thing that happened in the past year.

lyn shared that the stranger next to her said to her,

“nothing, absolutely nothing good has happened to me over this past year.”

to which lyn responded, “i turned 90 and i fell in love.”

and then she and joe looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

i asked how they met, and they both perked up.

“joe saw me at dinner and heard me talk.  after dinner he came over and asked if he could walk me back to my apartment, and on the way, he gave me the softest kiss on the cheek. and that was it!”

oh how i love these folks!

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