oh the blessings and the laughter!

our sweet caregiver, xio, stayed overnight with my mom so that my dad and i could get some sleep. my mom doesn’t like all the tubes and monitors, and has been trying to pull them off in desperation.

when we arrived in the morning there were tears of joy in xio’s eyes.

“mommy and i were having conversations last night!  she was talking!”

oh what a good night’s sleep can do for you! and i thought for a second maybe the seizure triggered something in her brain that was now going to allow her voice to be heard.

i facetimed my little sister right away, while we could still hear her voice.  she had tried to call the night before just as mommy was dozing off for the night.

“hi mimi.  how are you?” my mom said with precision and a look of shock in her own face.

“wow!  i can hear you so well mommy!”  mimi exclaimed with great excitement.

“what does remy want for graduation?” my mom continued with a big smile.

“a brand new car!” mimi’s husband ric, said jokingly.

“i’ll have to steal one.” my mom joked.

we were all giggling.  this side of mommy we rarely see because she hasn’t been able for speak for years.

“and the cool thing is that only you could get away with it mommy, because no one would suspect you!”  i threw out.

“and you’d become a felon!”  mimi added.

“and i could steal a lot,”  mommy giggled.

oh the joy of having a voice!  it wasn’t a voice others could understand, but it was intelligible to the family and her kind caregiver, xio, and that’s all we needed to break out in sheer bliss.

8 thoughts on “oh the blessings and the laughter!

  1. tiny miracles are so sweet! she lost her voice shortly after that conversation but it was precious while it lasted. then she spent the rest of the day trying to write me a message. it took me three hours to figure out what her scribbling was trying to say – “i shake a lot” is what she was trying to write. bless her heart.


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