love is contagious

got the call from my dad at 4 this morning.  they were heading to the emergency room.  mommy was having a seizure or a stroke.

my dad sounded amazingly calm. when i spoke to him the night before, he was a mess, screaming and shouting because my mom was having parkinson tremors. “breath dad, take a deep breath, mommy’s going to be fine,” i tried my best to calm him over the phone.

i jumped into the car, and headed to the hospital, praying for my mom, and wondering what had happened to my dad to put him in such a state of calm.

our caregiver, grover, was with them.  he is one of the most mellow, serene people i’ve ever known and he really cares about my parents.  as i listened to him explain exactly what had happened this morning, i understood right away how my dad could be so calm.

the day has been long, and most everyone has gone home, except the night nurse, and my mom is sound asleep. no stroke, but a seizure. I’m sitting here writing and my sweet dad is sitting next to me whistling.

“sometimes your joy is the source of your smile; sometimes your smile is the source of your joy.” – thich nhat han

just as your smile can be contagious, so too can your spirit.  thank you, grover, for your beautiful spirit and kind heart.

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