kindness can change the world

“i live by the kindness of strangers” – blanche in streetcar named desire

the nurses at northridge hospital are incredibly nice and genuinely care about their patients. every single nurse we’ve encountered has been so attentive and loving.

meet maria. she wasn’t even assigned to my mom. she stopped by and brought my dad a hot cup of coffee and then asked how old my mom was and how she was doing.

if you are nice to my dad, he’ll be your best friend.

after telling maria that my mom was 86 years old, he smiled and asked,

“guess how old i am?”

she studied him, and then said, “72?”

my dad just laughed and laughed, “i’m going to be 90 in october!  how could i be 72 if my wife is 86?”

it happens, anything is possible.  and now maria and my dad are best friends.

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