tears of joy for the miracles in my life

“there are only two ways to live your life.  one is as though nothing is a miracle.  the other is as though everything is a miracle.” – albert einstein

today i went to visit my sweet friend who has cerebral palsy and had just had surgery to straighten his spine.  before the surgery, his spine was completely curved to the point he the pain was all the time and extremely severe.  poor little guy!  he’s lived with so much pain all his life.  his mother is one of those moms who is going to do whatever she can to improve her son’s life.

now dhevyn is a complete 3 inches taller, and his shoulders seem broader too, just by him being able to sit up straight.  when i saw him, i burst into tears.  the change was remarkable!  he couldn’t understand why i was crying, and kept asking why i was sad.  it’s so hard to explain tears of joy, when you’ve only experienced tears of pain.

i just held him, and squeezed him, kissed him and held him some more.  oh the joy that filled me as i could so clearly see how he was going to be experiencing a whole new beginning now….with so much less back pain.

he’s such a beautiful little blessing, and one of the many miracles and inspirations in my life!

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