possible change as a new beginning

“why are we living so far away from you?,” my dad asked.

“northridge is midway between andy and michelle and me,” i explained.

“no it’s not.  you’re the farthest. and andy never visits and he’s the closest,” my dad complained.

“andy is really busy. rowan and peter are at that age where they have a lot of activities.  it’s nice that he doesn’t have to drive too far to see you,” i tried to get him to understand.

yesterday i happened upon this wonderful little gem of a community right near me that i never knew about.  it’s a bunch of bungalows set in mini-resort style living for 55 and over.  it’s 70 acres in the middle of torrance!  it even has a 9-hole golf course, a shuffleboard court, a ping pong room, a pool, ceramics, woodworking, bridge.  since we already hire 24/7 care for them, i thought maybe we just continue with that, and not pay all that extra for their meals which are served in a nice dining room setting. they won’t have the daily contact with their friends the way they do now at the village, but they will have the sense of community, and they’ll be closer to me and to my daughter, riki. and right now i have a feeling family is the most important to them.  i think my mom is getting weaker and weaker :(.

i called my dad, and he seemed really excited about it.  so i might take them there on sunday to take a look.

sometimes change can be physical, and sometimes it just has to take place in the mind, and sometimes it can be both.


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