are we in a living cemetery or heaven on earth?

i’ve been with my parents for the last few days trying to help them prepare their taxes.  wow.  so many medical bills!  it’s just part of the journey of life that our bodies wear down, that some of us develop diseases, and that it becomes increasingly easier to fall.

“i’m just stuck in a living cemetery,” my dad says, and proceeds to tell me about each of his friend’s ailments.  “Bernie was in the hospital for three days.  They thought he was going to die.  He had a heart attack.”  “Elaine fell and broke her hip and may never be able to walk again.”  “Joe’s got cancer and only has a few months to live.”

i look at all that they’ve been through this past year, and there has definitely been an increase in the number of doctors, caregivers, visits to specialists, and medications since helping them with their taxes last year.

no living thing was created to live forever. so if i focus on just enjoying the time i have on this earth, and savoring the time i have with my parents, i find that inevitable death is not to be feared.  death is about living life to its fullest.  it’s about exploring, and creating and being open to stepping into the unknown.  to be afraid to step out, is to be frozen and stuck, but to trust and have faith is to be open and free, and to act as if there is no tomorrow –  to fly with abandon without having to know when it will end, to be in heaven and to know that life can be both ugly and beautiful.  i want to embrace it while i can, because like you, i know it isn’t forever.

the fact that we will all die is certain, when is what we don’t know.


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