ode to my sweet friend

hello my sweet quiet friend. did i tell you how much i love you? how so

often i have missed you because

you rarely come out to tell me your sorrows.  it’s okay to feel the sadness, the sorrow, the pain. you so rarely ask for help.

let me hold your hand.  you are not alone.  you think i don’t notice you?  you think i don’t think about you and miss you? you may feel lost and confused, that’s ok. the pain is real, the sadness too. i cry with you.  just see that it is.  sit with the pain and don’t fight it. allow it.

i am your friend. always. let me hold you, and hug you.  let me love you and listen to you cry. you may feel little, that’s ok. in the middle of all the vastness, we feel our smallness.

sit in the stillness. the quiet of your soul.  see that i am you. and you are


we have suffered. we have hurt. we feel the pain.

let me comfort you. it can feel so scary. inhale into the deepness and feel the fullness of

your heart

gentle, soft, sweet.

there may be no answer, but the lessons along the way.  listen. you are the light and in the light, we feel the peace, and with the peace, we feel the calm, and in the calm, we are home.

we are loved. we are not alone.




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