in love with the moon

i stood there. under the night sky. you filled me with hope.

you told me i would be fine. you wrapped me in your light and covered me as if you understood, as if you knew the sadness i’d been living all these years.

i knew i wasn’t alone. i knew you from before. i knew you ‘d been with me all my life. but there were nights that i had missed you. because i’d forgotten to look up.

i was so focussed on the mess, so focussed on the loss, so focussed on what i wanted it to be but couldn’t find. he would never be who i wanted him to be. i would never have the love i so craved, the love i’d dreamt.

but there you were so full, so bright, so pure and oh so beautiful. everything you touched was fresh. everything you touched came to life.  you spread your light and all was new.

i wanted to live. i wanted to shine my light and connect. i wanted to make a difference, i wanted to be moved, and there you were moving me,  touching me in ways i never knew before.

you were full that night, so full of love, of light, of life. i knew i was doing the right thing.  i looked up and i could see your light connect with mine, i could see that i could touch you and be moved by you.

i knew i could learn to live as full as you, as big and bright and sweet as you. i thanked you for the gift as you smiled down on me, quiet and pure.

i knew you loved me.

you smiled and filled my heart with joy, you filled me with hope a life fulfilled.

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