Constant change is reality

it’s hard to believe that nearly two weeks have passed and I only have one more full day with Odin!  The growth that has taken place has been astounding.  Since I’ve been here, he’s tracking more consistently, he’s grabbing things with his hands and putting them in his mouth, he pulls his feet up and pops them up in the air at a 90 degree angle and then bangs them on the mattress, he giggles and chuckles, he follows my hands when I use sign language, he marches when we sing the marching song, he’s jumping and swinging in his bouncer, he responds to his name, he dances when he hears music, he babbles as if in conversation, he laughs at himself in the mirror and watches intently when he sees himself in a video, his grasp is stronger and intentional, he’s holding himself up when he does tummy time, he’s about to roll over from his tummy to his back, he’s found his two fingers and is trying to suck them to pacify himself… and I’m sure there’s more !

Odin’s constant change reminds me to appreciate every moment, and to notice the details in every part of my day because we are all constantly changing… it’s just more apparent in a newborn:)

im going to miss you sweet Odin!


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