open to the love in this world

today i was carrying a heavy bag down the stairs to the L train, and a young man saw me struggling, and came up the stairs to help me carry the bag.  i nearly fell over in shock.  here i was in nyc, adjusting to the fact that people seemed to be trained not to give eye contact, and here is this total stranger offering to help carry my bag.

there was a part of me that thought for a second, ‘should i let him help? what if he takes it and runs?’…i’m not going to lie…but i let him help, and he was totally wonderful.  i thanked him, he smiled, and said ‘no problem’.

i do love being in nyc where you run into all kinds of people, and you can hear different languages spoken everywhere.  after running into this nice young man, i stopped to listen to an elderly gentleman play his drumsticks on empty plastic paint cans.  he was remarkable.  he had different size cans, different thicknesses, some he’d play on the edges, some he’d play on the bottoms, and he’d use the ground to make another sound.  my heart filled with joy as i connected to the joy this old man was experiencing creating music from something that had been discarded and found in the trash.  after the performance, people clapped, i threw in some bills, and i noticed my kind luggage friend did too. there are such nice people in this world!

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