noticing the details, connects me to you

his steel blue eyes with minute flecks of gray, his paper thin fingernails that are perfectly shaped, his tiny lips that form that crooked smile when you make a sound that makes him break open in pure glee.

noticing the details of this little baby reminds me to notice the details of life.  because it’s in the details that life has meaning.  when i notice the details of random people i meet in a day, i realize just how i can make such a difference in others’ lives.  it’s the little things that i do and say, that can make someone feel the love.  when i meet someone with nice eyes, i tell them.  when i meet someone with pretty skin, i tell them.  what comes from my mouth is the truth.

after my run today, i stopped at a few corner shops to pick up some tofu for the curry i was making for dinner.  no one seemed to know what i was talking about since the neighborhood is mostly latino and black.  i felt like i was going to the hardware store for milk with the bewildered looks i kept getting.  these corner shops carried milk, eggs, water and beer – essentials, not tofu.

but as i asked the person behind the counter, i tried my best to connect, to treat the person as i would a friend, to notice the details about them.

after leaving one of the shops, a man came running out to tell me where the closest chinese restaurant was around the block.  leaving another shop, a woman chased me down the block to tell me i was in the wrong part of town and that i needed to walk to the part of town where the chinese people live, and she proceeded to give me directions. i was running into some very thoughtful individuals who seemed to genuinely care about me and wanted to make sure that i find tofu for dinner.  i was so touched by their kindness.   in noticing the details of their lives, they in turn noticed the details of mine.  and that felt very nice.

we become more than strangers to each other, we noticed the details.  i connected to a part of them that could easily have gone unnoticed and they did the same for me..

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