the intent of the newborn is virgin love

“the heart is our garden, and along with each action there is an intention that is planted like a seed.  we can use a sharp knife to cut someone, and if our intention is to do harm, we will be a murderer. we can perform an almost identical action, but if we are a surgeon, the intention is to heal and save a life.  the action is the same, yet depending on its purpose or intention, it can be either a terrible act or a compassionate act.” – jack kornfield

one of the many beauties of hanging out with odin is his pure intent.  his only intent is to connect with love and acceptance.  from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning to the moment he closes them for the night, all his intent is simply innocent love – call it virgin love, if you will.  untouched by any other possibility, untouched by any other past experience or memory.  untouched by any expectation other than an understanding of ‘i love you and you love me’.

today we took a walk in the park and odin got to feel snow fall on his face for the first time, and to see and hear the horses of the mounted police as they announced their presence with their distinct clippety clop as they worked the streets, and to hear his mom talk to her mom about life and loving a baby and how it is absolutely the most remarkable, magical experience one could ever imagine.


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