the universal language we all understand

it’s flippin’ freezing in new york city!  oh my!  how i forget…how easily i forget when i live in warm sunny california. how easily i take for granted my many blessings.  i make my way to the subway, and brace myself as the freezing wind shocks my face, and pushes me in the wrong direction. my nose begins to run as it adjusts to the cold.

i want to get out of the freezing cold, but more than anything i want to see odin!  i lower my head, dig my feet into the wet dirty slush, and bear my teeth.

i open the door, and i can hear his little coos. is it possible he recognizes me? he’s only 11 weeks old. there’s no way he knows me.  does it matter?  i walk into the room and he breaks out in what i call a total body smile.  his whole body wiggles from his tiny stomping feet up to the top of his wobbly head covered in downy soft strands of hair, and his face breaks out in a smile that is infectious and filled with delight.  it’s a smile that grabs me and touches me to the core.  he convinces me that he recognizes me and that’s he’s excited to see his grandma gigi.  my whole being does a total body smile in return, and i swoop him up into my arms and smother him in kisses.  his smell is divine!

and that’s all we need in life. body smiles that simply say it all.

i love you and you love me.


5 thoughts on “the universal language we all understand

  1. Ahhh! Envisioning you walking into the house and going over to Odin and picking him up & holding him tight- And I believe he did recognize his grandma Gigi, I absolutely believe he recognized you and was so happy to see you!! Can’t wait to meet him one day!! ❤❤❤❤

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  2. Manette, I do think he recognized you!! I bet it was the best feeling ever. After just seeing the ultrasound of my first grand baby 15 1/2 weeks. I can’t wait to hold this little person in my arms and feel the joy you are feeling. The baby looks fully formed but I know it still has a lot of important things to still be grown and developed…but I can hardly wait!!!!
    I just left there yesterday, as you know!! And yes, it’s is bone chilling freezing. Luckily, I had bought a warm long jacket on sale! It was a life saver. But you need the right shoes too!! So excited for your time with baby Odin and his Mama and Daddy! ENJOY!!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it. ❤️


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