quietly listening, i hear your story

everyone has a story. everyone.
as i listen, i connect.
i hear your pain.
i hear your struggle.

to be human.
i hear your truth.
and i connect.
my heart hears your heart.

as i open to your truth,
i see how the universe works, how it unfolds.
there are so many miracles.
so many blessings.
how easy it is to see the obstacles, the barriers, the struggles.
when i pause and am open to what is, i notice the miracles.
i see the blessings.

when my ego wants to complain, when i experience conflict, because things are not going the way i want them to be, i feel the struggle, i become overwhelmed with the pain.

i pause and understand that i have choices.
i can choose to go within and connect.

i can choose not to suffer.
i pause and choose to live from the heart.
and it is in living through the heart that i feel the love, the pure understanding that connects me to you and to the universe and all its light.

stories touch me and help me see the light,

collecting stories that open my heart to you

and i heal.


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