taking time away from the chaos to do what i love, tell my story, and hear yours

you know you’re doing something you love when there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing.

when life gets tough, and you just don’t know what’s keeping things from getting better, i focus on seeing the beauty. when i experience the beauty, i find myself in a place of deep deep gratitude, and that opens me to a place of creation and connection with the universe.

detaching from the internet, and from cell service, grounds me, and allows me to find the peace to love myself and to connect to my inner wisdom, which is sometimes so quiet, that i forget it’s there.  but each of us has that inner wisdom, that quiet all knowing wisdom that doesn’t shout the way our egos do.  by detaching from all devices, i detach from the drama that exists in the world, and that i often associate with my own mind, and i listen within.

i’m taking this week to focus on my writing.  it’s my way of loving myself.  it’s my way of connecting to a part of me that needs to be nurtured. by devoting a week to my writing, i’m honoring myself and i’m honoring my love of writing, and it is here that i’m gentle on myself.

instead of hearing ‘what’s wrong with you? why can’t you finish this book?’  (notice the voice is from the outside talking to ‘you’ – my true self)

i’m able to hear my inner conscious, ‘let go of any negative thoughts, and truly treasure the moment and who i am becoming,’ because it is the true self that tells my story, and lets my heart sing.

and it is my true self that hears your story, and wants to connect to you.

‘once you know a person’s story, you can’t hate them.’ –

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