bringing the old and young together in celebration of life

there is nothing more precious than seeing a baby and an old person connect.  feeling the joy that is shared between them brings me to tears every single time.  we spent the day with my parents, and they could not have been happier.  when we would walk the halls, odin just kept giving his love to every village resident.

everywhere we walked, people would stop and spend time laughing and hugging.  never once did he cry.  he absorbed their love, and patiently listened to their praises.  it was as if we had a miniature dalai lama in our presence.  his mere existence brought so much understanding  and kindness to our village friends.

i didn’t want it to end.  this little buddha baby had a genuine following.   we were his entourage and as we carried him through the crowds he was gracing each onlooker with his pure smile, abundant love and kind, honest heart.

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