finding the courage to fight

there we sat in the athens room.  last week we were in the venice room. dr. safa has named each of his rooms after romantic cities, and had a local artist paint a mural of the city on the back wall of the corresponding room.  i love how this doctor thinks.  life is short and precious, so why not enjoy it while you can.  so with each visit to the doctor’s we’ve traveled the world, sometimes to paris, sometimes to barcelona, sometimes venice and today it’s athens.

as we sat there looking at the mural, dad started off in his usual critical way, “this guy who drew this picture has no perspective!  it’s all wrong!”

“but don’t you love the colors? don’t you feel like you’re in greece?  maybe he was trying to have a flat perspective,” i suggested that it’s possible that artists may have different intentions.

getting my dad to see the positive has always been a challenge.  he loves to notice things that are wrong but recently he’s changed his tone as he’s been trying to fight this disease.

“you’re right.  it does remind me of greece!”

“hi dr. safa”, as the doctor entered the room with a big smile and an enthusiastic hand shake, “how are you chih?”

“great!  i feel like a new man!” my dad smiled and sat up straight and tall.

“well, you should feel like a new man.  your sickness went away!  your heart and lung sound good. you’re a strong man, chih!”  doctor safa looked my dad in his eyes, and gave him a smile that reached deep into our hearts.

dr. safa was able to zap my dad’s lung cancer out of him!  there’s no more disease in his lung thanks to dr. safa and his diligent team. wow!  it’s hard to believe, but the combination of my dad’s positive attitude and this doctor’s knowledge and expertise, his body was able to fight one of the most aggressive cancers…thank goodness they detected it so early in its growth.


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