kindness is the buddha baby in every one of us

to be kind and loving is being in touch with your inner truth.  i do believe it’s our nature to be loving…we come into this world knowing only that – to be kind.

as i stare into baby odin’s eyes i can feel this knowledge.  he’s in complete touch with his goodness, and your goodness.  as he listens to me talk to him, he listens with such interest, taking it all in and wanting to hear more. after spending time with him, you can’t help but walk away feeling at peace, and in love. he’s the buddha baby.

when do we lose touch with this inner peace, this inner kindness, this inner love, this innate knowledge?  i do believe it’s when we begin to hear the anger, the fear, the impatience, and our egos begin to identify with that part of us that is shaped by our external surroundings. the voices that tell us to be better, the voices that tell us we’re not good enough, the voices that expect more and want more.

what hurts most is when someone in your life chooses to be nice to others, but chooses over and over again to be distant, remote, and sometimes even disrespectful to you, simply because that’s a behavior observed and learned growing up, a behavior all too familiar.

getting in touch with the goodness within, is to live kindness naturally and effortlessly with everyone in your life, and choosing the action of love, over the familiar habit, the action learned.

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