a seed of new understanding is planted in a friendly divorce and nurtures a new beginning

ren and eric went on their first date since giving birth to little odin, and guess who got to babysit? pop pop and gigi!  i just love everything about this little miracle. i love to smell behind his ears, kiss his big puffy cheeks, and nibble his nubby toes. his eyes are constantly looking around, checking things out. and he doesn’t miss a sound. he’s so alert and aware of his surroundings.

we took him around the neighborhood in his front pack, changed his diapers three times, fed him his breast milk, read him his book in the rocking chair, put him in his magic sleep suit, turned off the lights and put on the white noise, then simply walked out of his room as he relaxed into a deep sleep.

pop pop and i may not be a couple any longer, but we can still be grandparents to our grandchildren and parents to our children.  we can enjoy and treasure these special moments.

i truly believe we can continue to love each other as friends, accept that we are no longer lovers, enjoy our moments as a family, and experience that love doesn’t have to end when a marriage dissolves.  divorce can be a new beginning. we can remain loving friends, continue to care for each other as we always will, and always be there for our kids, and savor our moments of family time.




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