love grows as the family expands

i wish you could have seen my mom’s face when she met odin for the first time yesterday!  life has become so difficult for her, but when she saw odin, she broke out in a smile that silently shouted out her abundant bliss. her eyes danced and filled with tears – the emotions in the room were powerful.  it’s been such a joy having odin bless our days.

we took odin for his first swim in the village pool – my dad got in with the gang, while my mom watched.  it was the perfect temperature for a newborn.  too warm for most, as the temperature is set for seniors, who love their water to be warmer than average – but perfect for little odin who probably thought he was in a giant bathtub.

after the swim, we sat around visiting and taking turns holding the tiny little man – i call him a little man because he seems so wise. needless to say we were all in heaven, but my parents were particularly pleased having so many of their children, grand children and their newest great grandchild all in the same room.

the highlight of the evening was when grandma mustered all her strength to hold odin, and watching ren and eric trust her as she held him oh so tightly.  odin was calm and willing, as if he knew and understood her insecurities. it wasn’t easy for her, but you could feel her heart open and all the love she has for him come pouring out of her frail body all at once. beautiful, oh so beautiful.

our hearts opened too.  and we sat there crying, watching and connecting, all four generations of the jen family in one room with my mom, dad and precious odin in the center of it all.


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