a virgin adventure, like a first anything in life, glows within us forever

my sweet friend ashley, asked if i wanted to come with her to a sacred fire.  having never been to one before, and being in the delightful position of saying ‘yes’ to life, i promptly agreed to go.

there were eight of us sitting around the most magnificent fire under a sky as clear as could be with bright stars that seemed within our reach and the sound of the ocean waves smacking the cliffs down below. ashley was the only person i knew, but somehow i felt at total ease with everyone, as if i’d known them from an earlier life.

marie, our hostess, was this beautiful woman whose calm and peace was simply contagious, like you just wanted to linger and absorb her serenity.  she reminded me of a native indian wise one with long gray strands of thick hair braided down her back.  i was later to learn that she was from sweden.  i laughed at how my mind so easily casts people before i’m even aware of it happening.

we have all experienced the busyness of life, the craziness, the feeling of being stuck and overwhelmed, but when we sat around this fire, the warmth just melted away any stress, and gradually we could only hear nature and the crackle of the fire. you could sense our hearts open to the spirits of the sky, the earth and the fire, and you could feel an interconnectedness to not only each other, but to that of all things in the world.

we each took turns sharing stories and listening to the challenges and intentions of our lives. somehow i felt deeply connected with these people i had only just met.  we are not alone, we are all connected.  my eyes filled with tears, and i could feel my heart sing as i listened to the sparks of the fire transform into embers and ashes, and the crackle become a gentle hum, as quiet as the glow of the remaining log as it breathed in the last of our treasured stories. nature listens

we are each simply part of nature, with minds that can spin, and hearts that can listen.

2 thoughts on “a virgin adventure, like a first anything in life, glows within us forever

  1. really and truly, SUCH a magical and beautiful evening. i felt soooo blessed to have you come along, manette. thank you for sharing the stars, the fire, the night, the connection, the scent of copal, the sound of the nearby Pacific, and yes, watching fire’s dance of transformation in Marie’s magical pit, just as our ancestors have done around the world since time immemorial. love you so much. another beautiful piece !!

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