a magnet for healthy relationships begins with an honest, open heart

last night i was invited to my friend’s annual gathering of close friends, where we share a ‘friendship salad’ and catch up on what’s going on in our lives.  we each bring a favorite salad topping that we then toss into a big bowl of different lettuces. it always comes out tasting like the most ridiculously yummy salad ever!

my friend lives in various homes around the world, and she manages to keep in touch with all of us. she has the talent of attracting the most wonderful assortment of loving, kind, and generous women, i suppose because she is just all those qualities and more. i’m not sure how i fit in, but i just adore these women.

i arrived late thanks to my dad and his many antics to make me stay and visit with them longer.

when i shared with them that i had just returned from death valley and that i’d been traveling and camping solo, my friend reached out her arms, gave me a gigantic hug, and insisted that i stay over in her warm beach home. i started to decline, but remembered how i want to live honestly from now on.  i want to stop my usual habit of turning down invitations because i don’t want to burden anyone.

i used to fully identify with my asian upbringing, but now i pause, and say, ‘wow a nice warm shower would actually feel really awesome.’ and

‘thank you for opening your home and giving me such love!’

and so i stayed overnight, had the most glorious hot shower, and slept like i’d never slept before with the sound of the ocean waves lulling me to sleep. and in the morning, she and i walked along the beach, sharing memories, and stories, and heartfelt emotion.

my friend opened her home, and then her heart.  we dug deep, and now we’re connected like we’ve never been connected before.

knowing each other and having no secrets – that is how i choose to live from now on in all my relationships.  as i practice being open and honest, with nothing to hide, i already feel healthier.


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