the magic of six word stories

one of the residents at the village where my parents live used to be an editor. now at age 90, lyn collects stories from anyone who cares to share and compiles them into a monthly newsletter. the theme this month is “LOVE”.

the residents have been asked to write as many six word stories about ‘love’ that they wish to share. my dad has been ignoring her request.
my dad was reluctant to participate complaining that he’d written six word stories before, and that he didn’t feel like writing anymore.

‘yes, dad, you did write about thanksgiving and gratitude back in november. now it’s february and the editor would like everyone to write about ‘love’ in honor of valentine’s day.

‘oh i’m not interested. i’m too tired.’

‘what does love mean to you, dad?, ‘ trying one more time.

‘well, love means everything to me’, my dad sighed, slightly disgruntled and impatient that i was still pushing him.

‘hey that was six words dad!,’ i was excited that at least i got something out of him.

after a long pause and a lot of thought, yet encouraged that he might actually be able to do this after all, he said in his most melodic voice,

‘love is a beautiful endless venture, ‘ as if composing a song, and using both hands to show me that it was six words.

‘wow, dad, that’s perfect.’

my dad smiled, and then said, counting on his fingers again,

‘love is a happy sad experience.’

‘how beautiful, ‘ i responded trying to get his words just right as i scribbled away. he was on a roll, and i didn’t want to miss anything.

‘love is ever growing and understanding.’

‘babies bring out love in us,’ we had just finished face timing with baby odin.

‘oh i love that daddy!’

‘all the world needs is love!’ accompanied by a big smile like he was a genius and friends with the beatles.

‘love and hate don’t stand together.’ not even using his fingers any longer.

‘this world needs love not hate.’

‘trump is occupied with hate not love.’

‘we should show it to trump.’

he was practically glowing, ‘and that’s six words too!’

we laughed.

then counting on his fingers again, he reiterated,

‘trump is occupied with hate not love.’

wow, dad, ‘i love your stories of love.’

love really does grow with understanding.

six simple words.

the heart is simple and pure.

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