our hearts remember the people who’ve made a difference in our lives

meet andrew.  big smile. huge ‘hello’. just as chipper and happy as can be for an early saturday morning.  i stopped at ruby’s for breakfast and was meeting up with a dear friend who now lives in the desert.

we just wanted to hug him!

i told him how much i appreciated his wonderful outlook and attitude.

‘why thank you!  everything i learned, i learned from my grandma.  she raised me, and now i want to make sure i’m here for my kids.’

‘how many kids do you have andrew?’

‘i’ve got a two year old and my wife’s expecting.’

‘how exciting! congratulations andrew!  i bet you’re a great dad!’

‘i try to be. my family means everything to me. i work two jobs and i try to be there for them as much as possible.’

my friend suggested that he get a higher paid job with bigger tips if he were willing to work in palm desert instead of morongo’s ruby diner.

‘oh that would mean being away commuting, and i’m trying to stay close to the family. family is more important than money. thanks to my grandma, she taught me everything i know. she knew the woman i should marry too. all the other women i tried dating, she knew weren’t right for me.  i married the girl i knew since i was five years old, and my grandma knew she’d be a winner!’

‘wow andrew. that’s so cool. is your grandma still around?’

‘i know she’s with me, even though she passed away years ago.  i always feel her with me, in my heart.’

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