flowing with the forces of nature, i’m in awe of the miracles before me

danny was shivering when i woke this morning. poor little guy – he’s a 15 pound shitzu rescue who’s only lived in sunny los angeles. he and i both were wondering what we were doing in this freezing cold. i had no idea it was going to be this cold when i set out on this adventure.

i had slept in all four of my jackets and had piled blankets on top of us, but the wind had picked up overnight and was managing to slip through every tiny crevice in the van to awaken us to reality.

as we strolled along the road, fighting the wind, we felt like untrained eskimos in a brewing blizzard. a park ranger stopped to tell us that there was a high wind advisory and that it was going to be below freezing tonight.  they were not recommending hiking the trails today because of the strong winds.

it’s hard to tell me not to do something when my heart and mind are set. i respectfully  listened to the ranger’s words. he didn’t say, “no hiking”, he said “not recommending”.  so i took off to check out the conditions in person.

i love trying things that i’ve never done before.  and i had never stood atop a crack in the earth’s crust. this is where oases literally give birth.  when there’s a crack, the groundwater surfaces and creates an environment perfect for vegetation.  the winds were almost unbearable, but i felt strong and invincible, so layered up and forged ahead. unlike yesterday, where all i could hear was the stillness of the desert, today was filled with the howl of the wind, and the sound of the loose tiny pebbles as i mindfully steadied myself with each step.

the view was magnificent as the trail wound along the edges of bluffs and meandered between the rocky mounds. the blue of the sky was so intense from the winds having cleared the air you could taste the clean.

the trek of dry sandy trails amidst the giant boulders, was a couple of miles when all of a sudden i could hear what sounded like a goose. and then i could feel the sudden drop in temperature. i was in a gorge or valley of sorts and there before me were these glorious, magnificent fan palms in the middle of this dry desert with the bright sun peaking over the top of the ridge of rocks.  there was the sound of a healthy brook and the wind blowing the palm fans. such a beautiful sound of nature – the different elements in harmony making music as they touched each other.

i sat in awe and wonder of it all, as i literally sat there on a crack in the crust of the earth, and soaked in the many, many years that it had taken to form…and i found myself fill with gratitude and tears.

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