finding peace and adventure as i explore the unknown

man it’s cold…!

and oh so beautiful!!

danny and i had a tough time making it out of la and arrived at joshua tree just after 6 pm.  it was already pitch dark and rapidly became pitch black, so finding our campsite was an adventure.

we took a moonwalk under the most glorious sky filled with stars i’d never seen before!  there were so many!  and they were so bright!

we woke to giant boulders surrounding us.  they were absolutely remarkable in shape and size.  you could definitely understand why rock climbers have such an urge to climb them.  majestic, inviting and so peaceful.

we saw jackrabbits bigger than danny!  crazy! we could see our breath in the morning air so clear. i had to get him tuckered out because he was going to have to take a nap while i explored the trails.  sadly no dogs are allowed on the trails.

i set out on my 7 mile hike, excited to be on the trails before any other hikers.  i figured i’d try the ‘boy scouts trail’, figuring that surely i could handle that.  the terrain was nothing i’d ever experienced before.  rocks everywhere, and random plants and trees popping up out of them! imagine the struggle and patience it took for those plants to make it through those rocks…

i found some beautiful spots to meditate and do my morning yoga on giant flat boulders that god seemed to have created just for my downward dog and sun salutations.  in the quiet, the only sound i could hear was the movement of a rock every so slightly. i thought i’d hear critters, but as i drank in the peace, i realized that most desert creatures are nocturnal, and that i’d probably miss seeing them. and just as i was having that thought, a tiny bird flitted by me and started singing.

this tiny bird continued to follow me as i trekked along. she and i alone on this remote trail.  i wondered why she was following me, and she was probably wondering why i was following her!  perhaps she and i were each on our first solo adventures.

i’m fairly certain they filmed mad max amongst these rocks and barren land; after awhile every turn looked like the prior, and getting lost was a very real possibility for me.  i remembered tai’s warning, ‘mom, remember, don’t try anything crazy. you don’t want to fall and be in the middle of nowhere.’  as the urge to jump from one magnificent rock to another increased, i reminded myself, ‘remember you’re 60 years old – you don’t need a broken ankle’

at one point i found myself off the beaten trail, and it was quite disconcerting.  i thought about the boy scouts and what they might do. i had reached the peak which was a large plateau with random greenery interspersed amongst the boulders,  and now i just needed to descend, but the path had been damaged from the rains, and there were so many different options.

and just as i thought i’d lost my way, my little friend tweeted and flitted by me showing me the way. it was remarkable. she followed me all the way down and rejoined her family. i could tell they were happy to see her.

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