finding gratitude and peace within as i reconnect with nature

as i begin my journey of self reflection and self love, i’ve chosen to explore nearby joshua tree.  i chose joshua tree because it’s not too far (tiny steps :)), and it’s a place i’ve never explored before.  i’m hoping to bask in its peace and serenity and reconnect to mine.

my purpose is to experience something so new to me, that i’ll see with a new set of eyes, and reawaken all my senses.  it will be my first place of a new beginning, like baby odin, as he absorbs this new world before him – i will be expanding my ability to be open to learning, observing, and seeing things with a fresh and renewed mindset and heart.

i love nature, but like many, i spend too much of my day away from it. as i set out on this adventure of mine, i’m hoping to reconnect to nature in a way that brings a greater appreciation of the miracles god has created and continues to grant us everyday.  i’m hoping to reconnect to the gratitude that abounds within, but sometimes gets forgotten in the rush of daily living.

this morning’s ocean’s waves were giant and rough, in response to the other day’s downpour and floods.  it was a beautiful site, reminding me of nature’s unpredictability and power and as i head towards the desert where yet another miraculous part of nature lies, my excitement wells as i see the clear magnificent blue of the sky that watches over me and all of us.

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