do i stay within the walls, afraid to change, or do i step out and have faith?

“life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” – anais nin

i certainly am one to be comfortable in my routine, my habits, my insecurities.  i used to think that i wasn’t capable of change, that i was who i was.  shy, quiet, never able to open up and truly share my feelings, never able to admit my mistakes, because in my mind i couldn’t make any, and never able to admit i had any insecurities, and never strong enough to have my own opinions for fear i might offend someone and wouldn’t that be horrible if then that someone didn’t like me?

i had to dig deep over the years and find the courage to tell myself that i am capable of change.  that i wasn’t going to let my past dictate who i am today.

today i get to stand up and see that world is my canvas, that i can pick up my brush and paint whatever comes to me, that i can pick my pen and write whatever i’m compelled to write.  if people choose to judge me, they have that choice.  but i also have the choice to not worry about what others think of me – it’s none of my business. i can be comfortable in my own skin, because i’m aligned with my true self, not the self that is filled with fear and judgment coming from outside.

today i find the courage to adventure out into the world, happy and free, knowing that i have lots to discover, and tons to create as i change and learn about loving myself first and how i relate to others and the world.  now that i’m loving and honoring my soul, the relationships that i establish and develop, are that much more healthy and fulfilling.  and when i give and am of service, it’s from a heart that is fully open and filled with the grace of the universe and god, not one that is trying to find love and approval from others.

the love comes from within, a love that empowers me to connect to the courage that now allows me to live an expansive, abundant life.




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