change can be scary, but self-honesty leads to empowerment and growth

the path to self-love begins with self-honesty. with this self-love,  you become empowered with a higher sense of self worth and you begin to see that without the foundation of self-love, the relationships that you build can be shaky, unhealthy and even sick.

with self-love, you grow into abundant possibility, where the power is not about controlling others and situations. you let go of anger and the frustration of things not going your way. you let go of wanting and waiting for things to change, and you see you need to enter into the flow of the universe, with acceptance and intention working together. you see you have choices that will contribute to the creation of who you desire to be, the ever changing, ever evolving you, the fulfilled you with dreams and aspirations.

you become a magnet that attracts and relates to healthy relationships and opportunities.  this empowerment comes from the power to create, the power to imagine, the power to envision the unimaginable, the power to consciously choose your thoughts, words, actions, the power of clarity and the power of the connection to the divine order.

you stop worrying about what others are going to think of you. you love the you are becoming. you love the real you. you love the you that is no longer in denial. you love the you who lives the truth.

you look within, instead of blaming the outside, and those who aren’t being the way you want them to be, and you discover the power to connect to the universe. you discover the power of being in harmony with the universe. you discover the power of the peace within you. and you make the move.


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