on becoming a goddess…

“there are two types of women – goddesses and doormats.” – pablo picasso

i had to laugh when i first read this quote, because of course there are other types of women. but when i saw who said it, it gave me pause to appreciate it more.  picasso was a gifted artist who felt things through the heart.  and when you experience things through the heart, you are in touch with the divine, and your emotions. and that’s where our awareness of the black and white, the dark and light, the ying and the yang, the sad and happy are most alive.

so i wanted to understand the possibility of creating myself to be a goddess.

most of my life i’ve identified with the doormat type of woman, the one who always puts others first, the one who wants to please to such an extent that she feels used and walked upon, the one who is the victim in an unfortunate situation.

slowly i began to awaken, and i began to see that i had a choice, that i had to find the courage to change, that i could take the risk and get up off the floor, and no longer be a doormat.

i had a choice to become a more active participant in a fulfilled life.  i had a choice to create someone who finds joy in adventure, mystery, risk and learning. i had a choice to create a woman who was empowered, in love with her womanhood, instead of someone who was always caring for others, and not herself.

picasso’s quote gave me the inspiration to create that goddess who i know i can be. in the meantime, in creating that goddess, i may have to learn to be a warrior too, to find the courage to change.

i had a choice to get up off the floor, pick up my tools, and become a happier warrior loving myself, and seeking a more fulfilled and joyful life. a woman in power.

i made the conscious choice to be in touch with the goddess within me, the woman who needs self-nurturing and loving above all else, and the woman who certainly is always in creation, learning new tools as she changes and empowers herself one moment at a time.

5 thoughts on “on becoming a goddess…

  1. Manette, you are amazing. You inspire and impress me daily. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful experiences and emotions with us! It gives me so much strength and hope!

    Liked by 1 person

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